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Charlie Daniels is the son of a North Carolina lumberjack, who took up both the fiddle and guitar at an early age. The songs he played were classics from both the bluegrass and rock and roll stations he listened to.

His first band was The Jaguars, who Daniels says played "...Every honky-tonk, dive and low-life joint from Raleigh to Texas." In 1967 he met producer Bob Johnston, who suggested that Daniels take up session work. This led to work on albums with Marty Robbins, Flatt and Scruggs, and Ringo Starr.

Stan Kosmoski, "In Concert Charlie Daniels," MWR Point of Contact, Mainz, Mar 16, 1990.

Recruited once again by producer Bob Johnston, Charlie was called in as a session player for several Bob Dylan albums from 1969-1970, including the seminal classic Nashville Skyline.
"I've only worked on a few recording projects that have had that kind of magic in it," recalls Charlie. After one session, Charlie packed up for a gig at a Nashville club. "Dylan said, 'Where's Charlie going? I don't want another guitar player. I want him.' Well, that put me 20 feet off the floor. I mean, the poet of my generation liked my guitar playing."
Charlie Daniels played guitar on Dylans "Nashville Skyline" sessions (Feb 13-17, 1969), the Johnny Cash Show (May 1, 1969) and the Apr 24-May 3, 1969 "Self Portrait" sessions at Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN.
He also played bass on the May 1-Jun 5, 1970 "New Morning" sessions at Columbia Studios, New York, NY.

He started writing songs around this time, and watched stars like Elvis and Tammy Wynette include them on their albums. That success prompted Daniels to launch a solo career, which blossomed in the 1973 crossover hit "Uneasy Rider." The Charlie Daniels Band was formed a short time afterwards....

By the late 70's, the band was still one of the top live attractions in America, despite several personnel changes. 1979 was to be their hottest year of the decade, as the Charlie Daniels Band released the multi-platinum album "Million Mile Reflections," which yielded a top five single on both Pop and Country charts, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." That song also earned Daniels a Grammy for Best Country Vocal, the CMA's Single of the Year, and the first of two consecutive CMA Best Band Awards.

Stan Kosmoski, "In Concert Charlie Daniels," MWR Point of Contact, Mainz, Mar 16, 1990.


"Old Rock'N Roller" -- performed at Stadtpark, Hamburg, D, Jul 3, 1990 and Sporthalle, Linz, A, Jun 15, 1991 (from The Charlie Daniels Band, Simple Man, 1989).

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