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Ricky Nelson

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Covered by Bob Dylan during 1986 tour with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Ricky Nelson, he did a lotta my songs...
I wanna do one of his... I admire him a great deal...
This one's called "Lonesome Town"....

Bob Dylan introducing "Lonesome Town" at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CO, Aug 5, 1986.

Original lyrics; transcribed from Rick(y) Nelson's recording by Manfred Helfert.

There's a place where lovers go
To cry their troubles away,
And they call it lonesome town,
Where the broken hearts stay.

You can buy a dream or two
To last you all through the years,
And the only price you pay
Is a heart full of tears.

Goin' down to lonesome town
Where the broken hearts stay,
Goin' down to lonesome town
To cry my troubles away.

In the town of broken dreams
The streets are filled with regret; Maybe down in lonesome town
I can learn to forget.

Maybe down in lonesome town
I can learn to forget.

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