Love Is Just a Four Letter Word

(manuscript) (Bob Dylan)

Joan Baez performs "Love Is Just A Four Letter Word" (with Earl Scruggs Family)

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First published in "Don't Look Back -- Songs and Photos," M. Witmark and Sons,
New York, NY, no date given

And love is just a four-letter word.

Outside the railings of my window
Passing out to the break of day
Me, I kept my mouth shut too
I had no words to say
My experience was limited none the same
You did all the talking while I hid
To the one who was the father of your kid.
You prob'ly think I didn't but I heard
You say that love is just a four-letter word.

I went on my way unnoticed
In the winter driving rains
In and out of lifetimes unmentioned of my name
Searching for my double. Looking for
Complete admiration to the core
'Tho I tried and failed in finding anymore
I prob'ly... I prob'ly thought "There's nothing more
Absurd than that love is just a four letter word."

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