How does one review a CD when the record company (SONY BMG Music/Columbia) sends a review copy in a cardboard sleeve with just the tracklisting and a warning that "This recording contains a unique identification number that can be used to trace unauthorized use...."? If, moreover, this "watermarked" promo (because of the "watermark" or because it is not even a "pressed" CD but a "burnt" CD-R?) does not even play properly on various pieces of equipment?

That said, the few tracks I could listen to (among them Patti's cover version of Bob Dylan's "Changing Of The Guard") make for enjoyable listening -- it is somewhat strange to hear Patti cover songs by artists like Jimi Hendrix, (Are You Experienced) The Rolling Stones (Gimme Shelter), Neil Young (Helpless), etc., but strange as it is, it works!

Once again, the complete lack of any info included with the review copy forces the reviewer to rely on his/her own knowledge whose songs Patti covers, etc.

Since SONY BMG Music/Columbia seems to be more concerned about "unauthorized use" of their promos than in providing detailed info about their upcoming "product", I can only sum up this review as follows:

It's a nice CD, Patti's rendition of Dylan's "Changing Of The Guards" (and quite a few others as well) make for enjoyable listening -- but I prefer albums of her own material!

And promotional copies that allow me to review an album in depth... instead of having to Google for reviews by other people who were deemed to be more "worthy" and seem to have received more info...

RATING: 4 stars (out of 5) for the music
1 star (out of 5) for the promotional copy received