Bob Dylan and Mark Spoelstra (Bobby Neuwirth in foreground),
Indian Neck Folk Festival, 1961.

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Singer/Songwriter, born Jun 30, 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri, raised in California. Moved to the East Coast and became a part of the Boston/Cambridge and New York folk scene. Contributor to "Broadside" magazine (along with Bob Dylan).

A friend of mine ran into me on the street one day and said there was a guy he thought I should meet. He was sitting alone in a joint, having just come to town. So I was one of the first acquaintances Bob Dylan met when he came to the big city. We hung out together a lot, because at the time we had a lot in common. One night we were playing at the Café Wha?, and John Cohen, who was with the New Lost City Ramblers, came in and was blown away by my John Hurt style guitar and Bob's blues harp....

Eric von Schmidt and Jim Rooney, Baby, Let Me Follow You Down, Garden City, 1979, p. 204.

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