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As I understand it, I missed Dylan by about a week, about a week before he was playing at Gerde's and then his album made it, or it was like his album had already made it and he was doing a farewell gig at Gerde's Folk City. In those days he was into things. I heard a story about Bobby where he ran this great number:

This is just a story that I heard so it might not be true, but he put on a huge cape, a big black cape and a black top hat and he went roaring through Greenwich Village with about one hundred dollars in single dollar bills. And he found some wino crashed in a doorway and he walked up, came swooping up with this cape. He goes "whoosh" and hundreds of bills go flying over the street and he turns around and splits and this wino is standing there . . . it must've been a scream. Eccentricity is probably the best escape valve there is for the pressures of success. I hope that story's true.

The Rolling Stone Interviews, Vol. 2, New York, NY, 1974, p. 177.

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