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Our drinking spot was the White Horse Tavern, which was also frequented by people like Theodore Bikel and Josh White, and we used to have great nights in there...

Kristin Baggelaar & Donald Milton, The Folk Music Encyclopedia, London, 1977, p. 71.

It's Friday night at the White Horse, though the place is not so jammed as it once was when you had to fight your way to the bar and you might glimpse writers like Norman Mailer, William Styron, Vance Bourjaily, or Frederic Morton moving through the crowd... But the old wood and glass of the bar is the same, and you can still practically hear the singing of the Clancy Brothers off to the left, coming from the back room where they used to hang out...

Ronald Sukenick, Down and In, Collier Books, 1987, p. 47.

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